Testimonial of our Students

My experience with Mahesh Purandare Class has been amazing. I studied in this class from 1998 to 2005 year. Mahesh Sir is very experienced and knowledgeable. He teaches in very simple language which is easy to understand. He is willing to help any student at anytime, with any questions.
Archana Ma'am here is very nice, talented, educated, passionate and true to their work field. She genuinely helps students regarding the respective subject.
The class provides study material which can help you a lot in written exam. Sir not only focused on theory but gave different practicle examples which are really helpful even today.

I am so grateful to have both of you as my Teachers.

Thank You Mahesh Sir and Archana madam. 🙏
Sarika Bhalkar
Himani Rede
Mahesh sir is using really a unique teaching technique which I had never experienced earlier in my life like compulsory class test, surprise test, regular test doubt session and revision class and many more...
I can never forget this place in my whole life. Best commerce coaching Class in Pune for 11th, 12th, Ca / cs Foundation.

Himani Rede

Being from non commerce Family it was really difficult to understand the way we should start preparing for CA course. Mahesh sir was the first person who explain us the details regarding the course. I was his student for 11th and 12th. He was so comfortable with students and he always try to teach the subject properly with different examples. The practical examples given by sir during Economic class help me to understand and develop interest in subject. My journey to become a CHARTERED ACCOUNTANT is only possible because my basics of accounts and economics were perfect under Mahesh Sir's guidance. Thank you so much sir for all your guidance and support throughout the journey of commerce.😁

Sayali Jagtap , 12th -2014

Graduation- 2017

I joined Mahesh Purandare classes in 12th std. and I continued it till graduation.The teaching techniques and methods of Mahesh Sir are really impressive. He teaches in a way which is very easy to grasp. Plenty of problems were practiced in the class and timely homework and test series helped me a lot. Even for the theory subject like economics the topics were explained in depth with real life examples which helps us to relate and learn. Anyone who joins Mahesh Purandare Classes will be happy!

Deepti Sharma

Year of graduation: 2015

I have recently qualified as a chartered accountant, but when I look back I must say it was possible because of my clear basics in accounting & maths and the credit goes to Purandare sir & ma'am. I had joined Mahesh Purandare classes for 12th plus CPT program. Mahesh sir was a light house for me in respect of education or otherwise. He was always there for queries discussion as well as career guidance. He not only taught us but made us think over which proved quite helpful in context of CA exams. I really want to appreciate the efforts Sir & ma'am take for the success of students. I will always owe them a lot!💫

Janhavi Patwardhan

Sameer kulkarni

I had already heard the name of Mahesh Purandare classes as a reputed one in the city. So I had joined this class in 1988 & studied there for the next five years . Fortunately from the very first day I received the guidance of Mahesh Sir himself. Mahesh Sir is very co operative & friendly towards their students. I never liked to study but Mahesh Sir made learning a fun process. His way of teaching makes tough topics very simple to understand. He also helped me not only in academics but also other areas of life and to be a good human being. Many thanks to Mahesh Sir for helping me to reach my goals.

1993-94 साली मी माधवी प्रकाश बापट इ.11 वी कॉमर्स ला प्रवेश घेतला. 11वी ला generally सगळेच क्लास लावतात, पण मी क्लास लावला नव्हता. कॉलेज मध्ये accounts विषय, सर्व विषय english medium - अवघड जात होते खूप tension यायच. आणि अचानक एक दिवस पुरंदरे क्लास च्या फ्री batch चे पत्र आले. आपण हा क्लास लावावा असा विचार करून चौकशी करून महेश सरांच्या batch ला join झाले.
१ महिन्यात सरांनी भरपूर तयारी करुन घेतली. सरांनी भरपूर problems solve करुन घेतले. त्यामुळे accounts ची भीती. कमी झाली. भरपुर marks मिळण्याचा confidence मिळाला. सरांची समजावून सांगण्याची पध्दत खूप चांगली आणि सोपी आहे. मुख्य म्हणजे ते भरपुर problems सोडवुन घ्यायचे. Solutions लक्षात ठेवण्यासाठी खूप छोट्या छोट्या tricks, tips पण द्यायचे. सर्व doubts अगदी basic पण clear करायचे. अमच्या वेळी calculator allowed नव्हत, त्यामुळे सरांच्या maths च्या युक्त्या अगदी plus minus साठी पण उपयोगी पडायच्या. सर accounts, maths, law मध्ये expert आहेत. Law पण ते छान छान examples देऊन समजवायचे.
आजही career करताना सरांच्या knowledge चा उपयोग होतो. So, Mahesh Purandare Class लावा आणि निर्धास्त व्हा. मेहनत तुमची यश तुमचे!

माधवी प्रकाश बापट

I was a Student of Mahesh Purandare Classes for 5 years from 2004 to 2009. It was indeed a life changing period. I learnt about economics and Mathamatics in a most lucid and practical manner. My liking towards economics was developed by the teaching of Mahesh Sir. I developed this liking further in achieving a professional degree of Company Secretary. I highly recommend the coaching at Mahesh Purandare classes to those who want to learn basics of any subject. I am sure Mahesh sir will shape future of those who join the class.

Kaustubh Nagesh Marathe

I was with Purandare class for 5 years...I learned Accountancy, Mathematics, Economics and Cost Accounting subjects...Sir conceptually cleared our concepts...teaching is with thorough understanding...Those clarity of concepts still helps me in my career...teaching experience of Mahesh Sir is career guiding...

Preetam Gadkari

Mahesh sir, a passionate teacher having extensive knowledge and command over his all subject in the class, he has personal attachment with all students and he is thorough gentleman in his professional also. Mahesh Sir is my all-time favourite teacher. He is passionate teacher. I do have words to explain my feelings and feedback.

Nagesh sukhadev chavan Joined our class 1989 Assistance comm. of state tax( GST), Pune

Mahesh purandare classes is the best professional institute in and around Pune. Mahesh sir and his way of teaching is amazing.He himself is a treasure of knowledge,always ready to share knowledge and solve the difficulties of the students.I feel blessed to be a part of this classes.Also the other faculty here is fantastic and supportive.

Anushka Ranade

Path to success starts from Mahesh Purandare Classes. Behind every successful student there is a teacher who lightens the way for the students and makes this journey brighten and meaningful. Mahesh Sir helped in clearing our concepts and build our capacity which was hidden in us. Archana Madam was completely outstanding in accounts.Thank you Sir and Mam for teaching us in a very interesting and enthusiastic manner.

Atharva ovhal

I am grateful to learn in the Mahesh Purandare Classes. Having more than 35 years teaching experience Mahesh Sir's teaching techniques are simple and easy to understand.Wonderful experience

Vaishnavi bhor

I did my 11th, 12th & CPT from Mahesh Purandare Classes. Sir’s way of teaching economics is amazing. Economics was never felt as a theoretical subject, the way he teaches economics with lots of practical examples makes the subject interesting. I developed the habit of reading the newspaper from this class only which later in my CA journey helped me grasp the concepts easily. Archana ma’am teaches accounts & I thank her for patiently listening to all my queries & solving it even if sometimes they were stupid.

Hitesh Parmar
Graduation: April 2016

Mahesh Sir is very easy to talk to, kind and friendly. I enjoyed each and every class. He explains basic concept very smoothly and even after many years of clearing HSC, I still remember all the rules of accounts he taught us. Thanks Sir, you've helped me alot for what I am right now.

– Ms. Shrutika Sheth (CS, BA LLB)

Purandare classes is the Best class for accounts and economics in the city, I never feel any kind of pressure through out my career because of Mahesh Sir and his teaching style. I always feel Blessed to have student of Mahesh Sir.​

Rashmi Ekbote
Relationship Manager
Emkay Global Finance

महेश सरांबद्दल बोलायचं झाल्यास शब्द कमी पडतील, महेश सर म्हणजे शिक्षण क्षेत्रातील एक धगधगता तारा आहे, सरांचा तसा सर्वच विषय शिकविण्यात हातखंडा आहे, परंतु अकाउंट आणि इकोनॅामिक्स शिकविण्यात सरांचा कोणीच हात धरू शकत नाही, सरांनी एकदा शिकवले की पुन्हा ती थेअरी अथवा तो लेसन परत समजून घेण्याची कधीच गरज पडत नाही, एवढ्या सहज आणि सोप्या शब्दात सर शिकवतात. बऱ्याच वेळेस असं होत की विद्यार्थी मराठी मीडियम मधून इंग्लिश मीडियम ला १० वी नंतर येतात त्या मुळे त्यांना समजण्यास थोडं अवघड जातं, परंतु सर एवढं छान शिकवतात की परत विचारण्याचा प्रश्नच येत नाही, आणि जरा एखाद्या विद्यार्थ्याला समजले नाही तरी जो पर्यंत त्याला समजत नाही तो पर्यंत सर शिकवतात. आज पर्यंत हजारो विद्यार्थी सरांच्या हातून पास होऊन गेले आहेत त्यातले कोणी CA , CWA, CS झाले कोणी मोठ्या कंपनी मध्ये कामाला आहे तर कोणी मोठे व्यावसायिक आहे, मी स्वतः एक व्यावसायिक असून मी केवळ आणि केवळ सरांच्याच गायडंस मुळे MBA(Finance ) करू शकलो. महेश सरांचे मार्गदर्शन नेहमीच मोलाचे राहील. आपला:-विकास गंगाधर बधे

विकास गंगाधर बधे​
अध्यक्ष:-युवासेना हडपसर विधानसभा मतदार संघ

Mahesh Purandare Classes is the best Commerce class in Pune and Purandare Sir is the best teacher. Sir explains each and every concept very clearly. He makes us understand difficult concepts and problems. He takes a lot of practice. Portion is competed on time and also Sir is completing the portion of CA Foundation regularly. In this pandemic situation, Sir has conducted the online classes excellently. He has also made the recorded lectures available for us. He also solves our difficulties if we have any. Mahesh Purandare Classes will be your best choice if u have opted for Commerce stream.

Preeti shanbag

Purandare Sir has a very special style of teaching. He takes every possible effort, so that his students can learn maximum of a subject. He teaches various difficult concepts of Accounts, Maths and other theory subjects in most effective way. Motivation made by him will definitely give you 'a boost' to pursue big courses in your career.

Swanand Joshi

I completed my graduation in the year 2011 and today when I look at my academic journey, the first person which comes to my mind is Mahesh Purandare Sir, he is the person who gave direction to my professional career and whatever I am today is just because of his guidance and teachings. I always enjoyed his teachings techniques because he makes every topic easy to understand which creates it interesting to learn. Thank you so much Sir for being the torch bearer in life of your students.

Nikhil Agarwal

-B.com, ACMA, CFA(Level 1 candidate)

Student Quotes

Mahesh Sir, your courage, patience and commitment to understand, motivate & inspire students in your class is remarkable. Blessed to have had you as my teacher.

Sheetal Phatak
Ajay Chanav
Sir… You are a hugh treasure of knowledge….. An excellent teacher & a best guide. You are like a light house which guides the ships & brings them safely to the shore. Through your vast knowledge, you have given right paths to many of your students. I am also fortunate to a part of the them. Sir… your guidance truly helped us to become successful in life. May God shower you with His immense Grace throughout your life…..
Ajay Chavan

माझे १० वी पर्यंतचे शिक्षण कराडला झाले. पण पुढे सी.ए करायचे हे निश्चित असल्याने मी ११ वी पासून क्लास आणि शिक्षणासाठी पुण्यात जाण्याचा निर्णय घेतला. मी पुण्यात जाऊन क्लास ची चौकशी केली व मला महेश पुरंदरे क्लास विषयी कळलं.मला पहिल्या २ मिनिटातच तो क्लास आपलासा वाटला. सरांची शिकवण्याची पद्धत खूप छान आहे. अजूनही त्यांनी शिकवलेल्या कन्सेप्ट तोंड पाठ आहेत. आज रोजच्या जीवनात सुद्धा त्याचा खूप उपयोग होतो. खरंच जर करिअर करायची मनापासून एखाद्याला इच्छा असेल तर त्याने महेश सरांचाच क्लास लाववा हे मी अगदी डोळे मिटून सांगेन. माझ्या करियरची सुरुवात महेश सरांपासूनच झाली. सर खरंच खूप खूप धन्यवाद. मी आपली सदैव ऋणी राहीन.

रमा शेखर चरेगांवकर

Student Quotes

I had join mahesh Purandare classes in my 12 th standard. And it was very very excellent teaching by Mahesh Sir and Archana Madam. More than 200-250 problems were solved of maths on each topic . I don't have maths in 11th . I could score 92 Marks in maths only because of Mahesh sir . Thank you
Siddhesh Lambete
महेश सरांनी ११वी पासूनच सर्व विषयांचा सर्वांगीण अभ्यास पक्का करून घेतला, सरांची रोजच्या जीवनातील ऊदाहरणे देण्याची पद्धत मला आवडली, अवांतर वाचनाचे महत्तव सरांनी पटवून दिले तसेच करियरचे धेय्य निश्चित करण्याची शिकवण दिली त्यामुळे माझ्या करियरची वाटचाल योग्यप्रकारे सुरू आहे. आपलाच विद्यार्थी
शुभम सुनिल अभ्यंकर
I just wanted to take this opportunity and say a big thank you for your support and personal attention while teaching. Today whoever I am & wherever I stand having a big support of your wishes and blessings. Thank You Sir.
Aniket Anil Astagaonkar
Thanks to the exceptional teaching and guidance of Mahesh Sir, because of whom I was able to score distinction from Std. 11 to B.Com and more than 90 marks in Accounts every year. He has an extraordinarily unusual knack of teaching which helps the students understand the subject with great clarity. He has and will always be my inspiration and guiding light.
Priya V. Samak
Year of Graduation: 2019
Pursuing Excellence is a expeditious journey and you truly have undertaken it like a 'Tapasya’. While all these recognitions are priceless but the true ‘ recognition of your journey is the countless jewels that you have given to the society through your teaching and knowledge sharing. Mahesh, you truly epitomise excellence and we all are proud to be your friend. But | must also mention the stellar role of your wife who has complemented you in this dream journey of yours. Congrats friend and may there be boundless and countess more glorious possibilities.
Milan Shinde
Accounting concepts very clear from day one which help to secure continuous good marks till post graduation and in the first year of graduation the person like me got only passing marks in maths in 10th standard got 1st class with distinction. Only because of personal attention given by Mahesh sir. Thanks Mahesh sir after 25 years of graduation your continues touch with me and guidance help me lot.
Bhupendra sathaye
Graduated in 1995
सर मी सौं शुभांगी दिलीप कुलकर्णी.. तुमची student ऐश्वर्या कुलकर्णी.. स प महाविद्यालय... July 29 पासून CA Final होती. आता नोव्हेंबर मध्ये गेलीय. गेल्यावर्षी B. Com. झाली... अकरावी बारावी CPT तुमच्याकडे केली.. ती सिंधुदुर्ग सारख्या ग्रामीण भागातून इकडे आली. तुमच्या सारखे मार्गदर्शक मिळाल्यामुळे पाया म्हणजेच फौंडेशन पक्क झालं.. आम्ही पालक म्हणून तुमचे खुप ऋणी आहोत.. वेळेवर योग्य मार्गदर्शक मिळाल्याने पुढचा रस्ता सोपा झाला... तुमच्या क्लास बद्दल आम्ही सगळ्यांना suggest करत असतो.. खुप यश आणि प्रसिद्धी मिळो हीच सदिच्छा....
ऐश्वर्या कुलकर्णी ची आई..
Graduate in 1995
I would like to thank you Mahesh Sir and Archana Maam for tutoring me in 11th, 12th and CA Foundation. Your teaching skills enhanced my interest in Mathematics and Accounts and made theory subjects more easier for me. Guidance and motivation given by both of you helped me a lot in pursuing my steps towards my success in those three years. Your test-series helped me to build up my confidence towards the subjects.
Kunal Patil
Highly qualified teachers having tremendous experience in teaching. Mahesh Purandare Sir is the best professor in commerce faculty.
Shreya Gokhale
(Batch 2018-19)
I was always fascinated with ur in-depth knowledge and simple teaching technique. Your distinguished teaching skill has always inspired me n my classmates. We are fortunate & proud to have mentor like you.
Vrushali jadhav

Our Happy Students

Mahesh sir is an outstanding
teacher n delivers lot of efforts towards his students.They are patient ,caring n dedicated .
The main thing about the Mahesh sir is that they care for their students,teaching is worth nothing without this. im very thankful to god that i am the student of mahesh sir🙏❤️

Shailesh Bhutada

Hello Sir,
I am Juhi Khandelwal. I completed my graduation in the year 2017 from Symbiosis College of Arts and Commerce.
I took coaching for 11th, 12th and CPT from your class and you taught all the subjects really wonderfully and in such a unique way that every basic concept was crystal clear to me. I would really appreciate your teaching style of economics subject by telling the examples of what is really happening in the practical world.
Today i am pursuing CA course and very happy with it because you have built a very strong base to it at its foundation level.
Thank you for being a wonderful Mentor… 😊

Juhi Khandelwal

Mahesh sir teaches every subject with compassion, patience and commitment.

Always available and accessible for discussions and resolving doubts.Even on fone…

Attention is given on getting Fundamentals and core ideas clear of every subject. I still remember them even after 25 years 😁

Exercises covers vast examples covering various types of problems for each topic

Pradeep Deshpande